About Us

Embrace more of the magic with Huggies®

The name Huggies® is synonymous with diapers. We care about our product a great deal, but we also believe that we are much more than just a diaper company.

The Huggies® brand has evolved into an integral part of every new baby and new parent’s life. We know that every minute spent with your baby is precious. That’s why we want to help you enjoy more of the giggles, kisses and special moments that you’ll cherish forever.

Having children and watching them grow is an amazing experience, filled with ups and downs – it’s the glorious rollercoaster of parenthood!

Our aim is to make your important job as a parent or parent-to-be that little bit easier – whether this is through our practical products or the advice and articles on this site.

At Huggies® we always welcome your comments. Your feedback is integral to how we can continue to provide you with the products and the services that you deserve.

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