New Born

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We know that every incredible new first is a special moment for baby & you.
Huggies® brings you Huggies® Newborn for your newborn in sizes 1 and 2 ensuring Huggies has a ‘Perfect Fit’ for newborn babies.

Huggies Gold

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We know that you want your baby to be as dry and comfortable as possible, but if you’re not using Huggies® Gold, who knows how long your little one could be sitting in a wet diaper?

Dry Comfort®

Trusted dryness for busy bottoms

For dryness you can trust, at a price you can afford, reach for Huggies® Dry Comfort®. The super absorbent lock-dry core keeps babies dry - no matter how busy they might be.

Nappy Pants

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Are you giving your child the freedom they deserve?

New Huggies® nappy Pants are an innovative alternative to regular open diapers that are designed to fit babies from the moment when they start to wriggle and move around until they no longer need diapers.


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Baby wipes are essential for diaper changes, whether at home or on-the-go.

Our baby wipes are made from three layers of a unique cotton-like material that make them thick, soft and absorbent. They are gentle, yet effective in cleaning skin quickly and locking away any mess.