Baby health care

Even an experienced parent can get stressed and worried over what may only be a minor baby healthcare scare. The more you know about your baby’s health, the better and more confident you will feel about caring for your baby and recognising how serious a condition or symptom may be. Huggies cannot replace the advice and care of healthcare professionals such as your doctor, but we can give you the basics and more on how best to care for your baby’s health and well-being, and also help answer the many questions you may have about your baby’s health and development.

Sleep for your baby

While you may have spent many sleepless nights during your pregnancy in great anticipation for your baby’s arrival, be prepared for many more in the beginning weeks of parenting. As you may have guessed, sleep (or lack thereof) is one of the main issues experienced by new parents. Getting your baby to sleep properly takes practice, along with lots of trial and error.

Baby milestones

Your baby will achieve some miraculous developmental milestones during the first few years of their life. But how do you know what milestones should happen, and at what age? Did you know that at 2 months your baby should be able to smile? And at 6 months they should be able to grasp objects in their little hands?

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